SUPERIOR SANDCARS has been an established legitimate business, building dune buggies for over five years and has been involved in the off road industry for over ten years. We are located in Riverside, CA. Every dune buggy that Superior Sandcars produces is built to endure hard pack desert as well as the sand dunes. Safety is of the utmost concern during the design and production of our off-road cars, which is why you will find extensive X bracing and more linear feet of tubing in every sandrail / off-road car we build. Not only does it insure you will be in a safe sandcar for you and your passengers, it also insures that your dune buggy will hold up in the hard pack desert by reducing chassis flex which can lead to stress cracks in your frame over time. Most of the sand rails we build are dual shock front and rear, using quality King shocks. All of our standard dune buggies include top of the line product such as Beard Seats, Crow Seat Belts, King Shocks, Douglas Wheels, STU tires, 100 Watt driving lights, console with Autometer gauges, rack and pinion steering, leather steering wheel, chrome-moly rod ends and Center board hubs. Our sand cars have over 23” travel in the front and over 20” in the rear.

In addition to quality design and performance, you will also find Superior Sandcars is very competitive on its current pricing. So, you will leave our door knowing you received a Superior product at an excellent price. Our exceptional customer service and competitive pricing are standard practice at Superior Sandcars. All phone calls are returned on a very timely manner and our call-back service is always seven days a week for your convenience and confidence, providing unmatched customer service.

Service and rapport after buying an off-road vehicle is crucial, and when you buy a dune buggy everyone has questions that will need to be addressed. All too often customers may feel abandoned after they have purchased a vehicle from other manufacturers. However, at Superior Sandcars we have always encouraged customers to call immediately when they have a questions or problem, or if they need assistance and do not want to keep driving in an effort to limp back to camp. Suspension geometry is obviously a key when you purchase a car and will make all the difference in your dune buggy at high speeds in the desert or the dunes, which is why we also assure everyone countless hours have been spent in design time as well as testing. So, your car will handle as it should. Valving in the shocks have been tested in 4, 6, and 8 cylinder Corvette engines , so when you purchase a car it handles as you were told it would.

In addition, Financing is available on approved credit rates for more info contact Superior Sandcars.

Driving off road vehicles can be a dangerous sport and can result in injury and or death to you and others. Never drink and drive or use drugs during operation.

We look forward to the opportunity of building your next dune buggy! Please give Superior Sandcars a call with any questions you may have or for additional information.


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